• Hot Rolled Tube

    Hot Rolled Tube

    High quality of surface properties.
    The inner and outer surface of the steel tube will not have visible cracks, folds, rolled folds, parting layers and scarring. These defects will be completely cleared, and the removal depth will not exceed the negative deviation of the nominal wall thickness, and the actual wall thickness at the clearing place will not be less than the minimum allowed by the wall thickness.
    The label of steel tube.
    Each steel pipe will be marked, each steel tube with a label, the label and label content will include: brand, furnace number, batch number, specification.
    Material certification
    Material certification issued acc. to EN10243-3.1, including: Batch No., Grade, Size, Heat No., Length, weight, test method, process, reduction radio, Chemical compostion.
  • Cold drawn & rolled tube

    Cold drawn & rolled tube

    High quality of surface properties.
    The tube will exhibit a smooth outer surface allowing a flawless, smooth and shining exterior enamel (primer and overcoat) with a thickness of 60 μm minimum. The tube surface will not exhibit any overlaps, lamination, scabs, drawing grooves, and scaling residues and will be free of corrosion at delivery.
    An appropriate removal of surface defects is permissible when the allowable limit values are maintained and the smooth appearance is not compromised.
    There are no any kind of mechanical defects on the tube surface, which compromise the smooth appearance.
  • DOM welding tube

    DOM welding tube

    Assemble with imported seals kits of NOK, SKF, Hallite and other brands to bring the better seal slick and the stronger persistence.
    Process with the advanced technology by CNC machine tools, automatic plating and painting equipments to ensure all the parts to have the lower surface roughness and the higher performance level.Own advanced special buffer device with independent intellectual property rights which can effectively absorb the shock to protect the cylinder work smoothly and reliable in performance.