Other Cylinder

  • Booster Cylinder YNB(P)H

    Booster Cylinder YNB(P)H

    Gas-liquid booster cylinder is generally referred to as the booster cylinder. Gas-liquid boosting cylinder is combined with the cylinder and the cylinder advantages and design improvements, the hydraulic oil and strict isolation, compressed air in cylinder piston rod of the contact work piece automatically after the trip, movement speed, stability, and a pneumatic transmission block device is simple, the output adjustment easy, can achieve higher force of hydraulic press in the same conditions, low energy consumption, a soft landing is not damage mold, easy to install and install special pressurized cylinder can be 360 degrees in any Angle, the occupied space is small, low malfunction of the temperature rise, long life, low noise, and other core features.The pressurized cylinder USES the general air pressure to achieve the higher force of the hydraulic cylinder without the need for hydraulic unit.
  • Compact constant rotary cylinder YMKAWC

    Compact constant rotary cylinder YMKAWC

    Rotary cylinder -- a cylinder of cylindrical metal in which the piston is guided to reciprocate in a straight line, in which the intake and exhaust pipes and air guides are fixed while the cylinder body can rotate relative to each other and act on the jigs and coiled wire devices.
    The rotary cylinder is mainly composed of air head, cylinder block, piston and piston rod.When the rotary cylinder works, the external force drives the cylinder block, cylinder head and the air guide to turn, while the piston and piston rod can only make reciprocating straight movement, and the air guide pipe external connection, fixed.
  • Air-Hydra Converter YCCT

    Air-Hydra Converter YCCT

    A transducer that converts pneumatic signals into hydraulic signals.Using compressed air as power source, output hydraulic oil, drive the power cylinder (hydraulic cylinder) smooth action.