Total gas path notes

1. About the types of fluids
Use of fluid to use compressed air, the use of other fluids of the occasion should be confirmed by the company.

2. Condensate water situation
The compressed air with condensed water will be the cause of the malfunction of the pneumatic components. Before the filter, air dryers, condensate traps should be installed.

3. Condensate drainage management
Once the condensate is forgotten to discharge the air filter, the condensate will flow out of the two side, causing the malfunction of the pneumatic components. Condensate discharge management has difficult occasions, it is recommended to use the filter with automatic drainage.

4. About the types of air
Compressed air containing chemicals, synthetic oil containing organic solvents, salt, corrosive gases, etc., will become the cause of destruction and bad action, not to use.

5. Air filter should be installed
Close to the upstream side of the valve, the filter should be installed for the accuracy of 5µ m following the air filter.

6. After setting the cooler, air dryer and condenser water collector, etc.
Compressed air containing a large amount of condensed water, will lead to the valve and other pneumatic components of the bad action, so the gas source system should be set after the cooler, air dryer and condensed water collector, etc..

7. Toner and more occasions in the upstream side of the valve, should set the oil mist separator
When the toner generated by an air compressor, attached to the valve, the valve will cause adverse action.
Detailed requirements for the quality of compressed air, see the company’s “compressed air purification system”.

8. Condensed water discharge
Condensed water in the air filter should be regularly discharged.

9. For oil
Elastic sealing solenoid valve, once the oil, the oil must be continuous.
Turbine No. 1 (no additive) VG32 ISO should be used. In addition to the lubricating oil, will cause the valve malfunction, etc..

10. The disposal of piping
Piping before full blown or washed net pipe end cutting, cutting oil or dust etc..

11. Winding method of sealing tape
Pipe and pipe joint is an occasion of the threaded connection, do not allow the fine powder pipe thread and sealing belt of debris mixed with the internal pipe. When the sealing tape is used, the front end of the screw thread should be set aside with 1 thread pitches not to wrap around the sealing tape.

12. Do not use in corrosive gases, chemicals, water, water, water vapor environment or places with the above substances.
13. Protect the structure corresponding to IP65 and IP67 (based on IEC60529) products, (dust and water) on the dust and water can be protected. But can not be used in the water, should pay attention to.
14. Corresponding to the IP65 and IP67 products, the installation should be appropriate to meet their specifications, it is necessary to read the notes of each product.
15. Flammable gas, explosive gas atmosphere, do not use, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire and explosion. This product does not have anti explosion structure.
16. Do not use in the place of vibration and shock.
17. The place of the sun exposure, should add the protective cover, cover the sun.
18. There are places around the heat source, heat radiation should stop.
19. Where there is oil or welding sparks and other places of attachment, appropriate protective measures should be taken.
20. Solenoid valve installed in the control cabinet, a long time on the power of the occasion, should take heat measures to ensure that the solenoid valve in the temperature range allowed.
21 Maintenance and inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures of the instruction manual.
Once used, it will cause damage, damage, or damage to the personnel.

22. The components of the unloading and compressed air to the exhaust
In the confirmation by driving the object has been carried out to prevent falling disposal and prevent the disposal of the runaway, cut off the gas supply and power supply, pneumatic system internal remnants of compressed air through the residual pressure release mechanism has been emptying, to unload the components. In addition, three in the middle of the seal or suspension type valve, the valve and the cylinder between the remaining compressed air is also to be emptied.
After the replacement or re installation of components, the first to confirm the pneumatic actuator and so on have been carried out to prevent the rapid disposal of the disposal, and then confirm the normal operation of components.

23. Low frequency use
In order to prevent the valve movement is bad, the valve should be in 30 days to make a change action once, please pay attention to the quality of air supply.

24. Manual operation
With manual operation, the device should be connected to action, and then confirm the safe operation.

Post time: Aug-14-2020