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1. Air quality requirements for cylinder use: clean and dry compressed air should be used.In the air shall not contain organic solvent synthetic oil, salt, corrosive gas, etc., in order to prevent cylinder, valve bad action.Before installation, the connection pipe should be fully blown and washed, do not bring dust, chip, sealing bag pieces and other impurities into the cylinder, valve.

2. Requirements for the use environment of cylinder: In places with much dust, water droplets and oil droplets, the rod side should be equipped with telescopic protective cover.Where telescopic protective covers cannot be used, cylinders with strong dustproof rings or waterproof cylinders should be selected.If the ambient temperature of the cylinder and the temperature of the medium exceed -10~60℃ with magnetic switch, anti-freezing or heat resistance measures should be taken.In the environment of strong magnetic field, the cylinder with automatic switch of strong magnetic field should be selected.Standard cylinders should not be used in corrosive vapors or in vapors that bubble with a seal ring.

3. Lubrication of cylinders: Oil-lubricated cylinders should be equipped with an oil mist device with appropriate flow.The cylinder is not lubricated with oil. It can be used for a long time because grease is pre-added in the cylinder.This cylinder can also be used for oil, but once the oil is supplied, the oil must not be stopped.Oil should be supplied with turbine no. 1 (ISO VG32). Do not use oil, spindle oil, etc., to avoid double bubble expansion of NBR and other seals.

4. Cylinder load: The piston rod usually can only support axial load.Avoid applying lateral and eccentric loads on the piston rod.When there is a transverse load, the piston rod on the guide device should be added, or choose a guide rod cylinder, etc.When the load direction changes, the piston rod front end and the load * use a floating joint.In this way, there will be no break in any position of the journey.When the cylinder is under heavy force, the installation table of the cylinder shall have measures to prevent looseness, deformation and damage.

5. Installation of cylinder: When installing fixed cylinder, the axis of load and piston rod should be the same.When installing earring or trunnion cylinders, ensure that the swing plane of the cylinder and the swing of the load are in one plane.

6. Speed adjustment of the cylinder: When speed control valve is used to adjust the speed of the cylinder, its throttle valve should be gradually opened in full closed state and adjusted to the desired speed.Adjust the number of turns not to exceed * the number of turns.After adjustment, lock the lock master.

7. Buffer of cylinder: When the moving energy of cylinder cannot be completely absorbed by the cylinder itself, a buffer mechanism (such as a hydraulic buffer) or a buffer loop should be added to the outside.

8. Regarding the automatic operation of the cylinder: for the automatic operation device, countermeasures should be taken in the mechanism or circuit to prevent the body formation and device damage due to incorrect operation and cylinder action cycle.Load rate:From the study of cylinder running characteristics,Is difficult to determine the actual output of the power cylinder. So in the study of performance and the output of the cylinder, cylinder is used to the concept of load factor. Cylinder load factor beta is defined as the beta = cylinder theory and output force of actual load F * 100% cylinder Ft (l3-5), the actual load cylinder is determined by the actual working condition, if confirmed the cylinder theta, load rate is defined by the theory of gas cylinder can be determined, output power, which can calculate the cylinder bore. For impedance load, such as cylinder used in pneumatic clamping, loading does not produce inertia force, general select load factor beta is 0.8;For inertial load, such as the cylinder used to push the workpiece, the load will generate inertial force, the load rate value is as follows: <0.65 when the cylinder moves at low speed, V <100 mm/s;<0.5 When the cylinder moves at medium speed, V =100 ~ 500mm /s;<0.35 when the cylinder high-speed movement,v >500 mm/s. SMC magnetic switch role: SMC magnetic switch is mainly used to control the movement of industrial machinery, revolution ratio range of 1:1 to 1:150;The total size is suitable for assembling in small space, the drive shaft and gear drive shaft are made of stainless steel, the gear and drive bushing are made of automatically lubricated thermoplastic material, all kinds of materials and components have good wear resistance, and the equipment has good waterproof and dustproof performance.The magnetic switch is mainly used to control the action of industrial machinery, such as lifting, etc. The revolution ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:9,400;Standard limit switches are installed with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 fast or slow switches and sharp CAM PRSL7140PI.Other components and revolution ratios are available upon request.Make special orders.* The revolution ratio is 1:9,400.All materials and parts are resistant to corrosion, water and dust.

Post time: Aug-14-2020