Micro-mist separator with pre-filter

  • Micro Mist Separator with Prefilter YAMF

    Micro Mist Separator with Prefilter YAMF

    Micro mist separator principle: is that when two phase flow (suspended particles and air) from tangential catheter after entering the separator, will make rotation movement along the lining of separator, where they will be affected by centrifugal force, gravity and the friction work together, because of solid materials by high friction, so its rotating speed gradually become smaller, inner surface sinking to the bottom of the stick separator discharge;At this time, the air flow is subject to less friction, and the speed is reduced less. When it rotates and falls, it is refracted upward by the refraction of the cone, making a swirling upward movement and forming the inner layer of the upper air flow (known as the air core). After ZUI, it is discharged from the top exhaust pipe, that is, the separation of air and matter is completed.Among them, the smaller diameter particles or powder are often drawn into the upspin airflow and expelled from the top before reaching the wall.