• Current limiter YAS

    Current limiter YAS

    Current limiter belongs to the field of electrical components, is a special device used to limit the current, its characteristic is that it has a standard ring core, it is the core of how core winding copper core rubber covered wire, it is the copper core of multicore plastic package online interval distance respectively set up a power supply interface, an ordinary household appliances power supply interface and a lighting power supply interface.
  • Oil buffer YRB

    Oil buffer YRB

    The function of oil pressure buffer is to reduce vibration and noise in automatic mechanical operation, convert the kinetic energy generated by the moving object into heat energy and release it into the atmosphere, and effectively stop the object in motion.
  • Pu tube U

    Pu tube U

    Used for transporting diesel oil, kerosene, water and other media.
    Wear resistance, small bending radius, light weight, good elasticity, aging resistance, reusable
  • Vacuum generator YZU

    Vacuum generator YZU

    Vacuum generator is a new, efficient, clean, economical and small vacuum component that USES positive pressure air source to generate negative pressure, which makes it very easy and convenient to obtain negative pressure where there is compressed air or where both positive and negative pressure are needed in a pneumatic system. Vacuum generators are widely used in industrial automation, such as machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastics and robotics.
  • Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filter

    Vacuum filters collect pollutants (mainly dust) drawn from the atmosphere to prevent system contamination and are used between the suction cup and the vacuum generator (or vacuum valve). Mufflers shall be installed in the exhaust port of vacuum generator, suction port (or exhaust port) of vacuum valve and exhaust port of vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum chuck YZP

    Vacuum chuck YZP

    Vacuum sucker, also known as vacuum spreader, is one of the vacuum equipment actuators. In general, the use of vacuum suction cup grabbing products is the cheapest method.Vacuum suckers are of various kinds. Rubber suckers can be operated at high temperature. Silicone suckers are very suitable for grasping products with rough surface.Suction cups made from polyurethane are durable. In addition, in the actual production, if the suction cup is required to be oil-resistant, it may be considered to use materials such as polyurethane, nitrile butadiene rubber, or polymers containing vinyl to make the suction cup.Generally, in order to avoid the surface of the product is scratched, the best choice is made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber with bellow suction cup material is made of nitrile rubber, has a greater tearing force, so it is widely used in various vacuum suction equipment.
  • Quick exhaust valve

    Quick exhaust valve

    Pneumatic control in the important components, one-way direction control components. Often configured between the cylinder and the reversing valve, so that the air in the cylinder does not pass through the reversing valve and the valve directly discharged.
  • Plastic drag chain

    Plastic drag chain

    Plastic drag chain as the name suggests is a type of drag chain.According to the structure can be divided into bridge plastic drag chain and fully closed plastic drag chain;According to the model, it can be divided into small chain, general chain and large chain.According to the noise coefficient can be divided into ordinary drag chain and silent drag chain;According to the form can be divided into ordinary drag chain, parallel drag chain, S-type drag chain;According to the raw materials are divided into the original package plastic and recycled plastic, etc.
  • Gas-liquid booster cylinder

    Gas-liquid booster cylinder

    Pressurized cylinder is also called gas-liquid pressurized cylinder
    Pressure cylinder is combined with the advantages of the cylinder and the cylinder and improving design, hydraulic oil and strict isolation, compressed air in cylinder piston rod contacts after the work piece automatic start, movement speed, stability, and a pneumatic transmission block device is simple, the output adjustment easy, can achieve higher force of hydraulic press in the same conditions, low energy consumption, a soft landing is not damage mold, easy to install and install special pressure cylinder can be 360 degrees in any Angle, the occupied space is small, low malfunction of the temperature rise, long life, low noise, and other core features.