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Company Introduction

Founded in the 1970s in South Korea, YSC is a manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic products with a higher volume in the field of automation industry.In 2000, YSC (China) took Qingdao as its headquarters and produced various pneumatic execution, control, processing components and auxiliary parts, which are widely used in more than 200 automation industrial fields such as automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, machinery, metallurgy, numerical control, etc., providing accurate and reasonable pneumatic solutions for more than 100,000 customers.


After years of efforts, YSC (China) has stood out in the key links of direction control and pneumatic execution in pneumatic system. At the same time, with the advantage of wide product coverage and the sales and logistics network of more than ten provinces and cities in China, YSC (China) provides customers with fast one-stop service.

As a participant of made in China 2025, YSC (China) will work hard, persist in innovation, keep its mission in mind, forge ahead, continue to follow the principle of not banishment at low profit and not abuse at manulife, and devote itself to the development of machinery and automation in China.

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